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                                                      Shamanic Healing

"A life without change is not a life; it is a stagnant pool.
To change your mind frivolously is a cop-out.
To change your mind under the direction of the wisdom of the heart is a brush stroke on
the masterpiece you are delivering to the world."

                                                                               - Alan Cohen

    Quantum physics has proven that everything vibrates; from the atoms that make up our bodies to the constellations of the Universe, and everything in between; this also includes feelings and emotions. That being said, everyone goes through some degree of trauma in their life: experiencing the death of a loved one, sexual or emotional abuse, surgery, being in an accident, wartime stress, a hurricane or tornado, a fire, addictions, extended care taking of a loved one, divorce, and the list goes on.  Being that everything vibrates, these traumas create dense vibrations (energies) in and around the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. These "densities" are referred to as pockets of lifelessness.

     These same dense energies are also created when we harbor anger, resentment, envy or hate towards others.  Conversely, if others harbor these same emotions towards us it can manifest in us in a negative manner physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. If you have ever experienced severe sadness, depression, fear, anxiety or stress you feel weighed down.  This is an experience of dense energies. Densities wear us down, drag us out, create imbalances, disharmony and eventually disease.  The good news is that these energy's can be balanced and harmonized.  

      The area outside of the aura is known as the luminous energy field.  When these dense energy's reside in the luminous energy field, the areas that take in energy (chakra's) become clogged.  These energy center's metabolize energy, fuel us and sustain us in the most essential ways.  When the luminous energy system becomes clogged, the quality of the fuel going into our uptake centers is very low.  In this event, we become dull and our energy levels drop.  We then experience mood swings and our psychosomatic conditions get triggered.  Also,  genetic conditions may get activated. 

These toxins  overload our immune system resulting in the progression of degraded conditions or disease.  Emotionally, what happens when we have a toxic field is depression and mood swings.  Physically, what happens is lack of vital energy, and inability to sleep well, the inability to absorb nourishment from food and the expression of disease.  These conditions can all be avoided by maintaining our luminous energy fields' in good health.  

    Shamanic Healing maintains the health of the body and  luminous energy fields' by eliminating these densities. As the Shamanic work is facilitated, these same dense energies are then transformed into nourishing life energy. Being as energy cannot be destroyed but can only be transformed, our deepest ailments, or pockets of lifelessness, are then transmuted into remarkable sources of life force.  The client then realizes empowerment and knowledge.  As the session proceeds the client experiences his pain or grief disperse as a wave of energy, euphorically washing through him. At the end of the session he or she is left with a profound sense of clarity and  in a peaceful, blissful state.  EVERY wound or ailment a person holds contains valuable lessons and potential life force.  Once these lessons are learned, the wounds cease in scripting our reality and turn out to be gifts of empowerment and wisdom. 

     Shamanic Healing not only heals the traumas and densities that we have acquired, but it also brings balance back to the body and soul. We are then aligned with the Universe and Creator - as we were meant to be from the very beginning. This allows us to discover states of exceptional health, happiness and well-being. From this point on, we are then able to consciously participate in our own unique future evolution.

     Once clear of all densities, it is amazing how we can then be aware of and follow the synchronicities and intuitive signals to pursue our true hearts path with courage and determination!

"The Soul knows nothing but joy, and sees nothing but beauty.
Its own nature is peace and its being is life itself.  It is not intelligent; it is intelligence itself.
It is spirit; its nature is not human, but divine." 

                                "An Eastern Rose Garden"
                                                                    - Hazrat Inayat Kahn


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